Spire Tech launches its hyper-personalized customer engagement platform “Spire Ingage” in KSA

Spire Tech, a leading Open Banking provider in the GCC, launched its Next-Gen digital banking customer experience and engagement platform “Spire Ingage” in the Saudi market.

Spire Ingage is AI-driven, and Open Banking enabled. It can be integrated with any banking app to enable financial institutions to offer advanced personalized financial experiences and insights to their customers. With features like smart saving, smart budgeting, and data categorization and enrichment, customers will have a better view of their spending and will be empowered with meaningful financial insights. Spire Ingage comes as a white labeled SDK. It creates a holistic and more personalized experience for banking customers to drive customer loyalty, satisfaction, and engagement towards their financial brand, ultimately resulting in increased customer retention and lifetime value.

Open Banking has been a focal point in the Kingdom’s plan to diversify its financial services sector as part of the Saudi Vision 2030. KSA issued its Open Banking policy in 2021. Once implemented, it will allow customers to provide consent, securely share data, and initiate payments between their financial institutions and Fintech third-party providers. Spire Ingage is Open Banking enabled platform and fits into this vision perfectly. It gives banks an Open Banking ready platform to promote continuous innovation for their consumers and the market.

Aamir Janjua, Chief Product Officer, states: “Saudi Arabia is one of the largest economies in the region and currently going through an unprecedented amount of transformation. The banking industry is leading it from the front, and consumers are at the heart of this change and the main driving force behind it, especially due to the current demographics of the Kingdom. Spire Ingage brings that X factor to connect all the dots by utilizing the power of data and Ai to enable banks to build exceptional trust and confidence with consumers by delivering seamless experience and actionable financial insights. At Spire, we are excited to be part of this transformational journey in the Saudi banking sector.