Open Banking Compliance

Be Compliant in 4 Weeks!

Full-stack PSD2 Compliance Solution with all PSD2 requirements covered, offering a cost-effective and technically scalable approach to compliance.

Open Banking Consultancy

Let's Stay ahead of
the game!

Full suite of consultancy, technical design, and delivery services to assess Open Banking readiness and help businesses identify the right strategy and prioritization for digital evolution.

AIS (Account Information Service)

Get Connected to
your customer data!
Single API access to the
end-customer's financial data.

PIS (Payment Initiation Services)

Make Payments via
Open Banking!
Clients can enable their customers to make secure instant payments from the account of their choice, using their familiar banking authentication methods.

Spire Ingage

Are you ready to ingage?!
Al-driven customer engagement platform that was developed around the needs of modern-day digital banking customers. This solution is available as SDK or APIs coupled with a Business Dashboard, 'Ingage Smart Console'.